“Natasha has taught me how to cook oil free and has given me many suggestions of great meals to make.  She has taught me it is okay if you slip up.  You just get back up the next day and start over.  The most important thing that I found helpful was how to deal with family that don’t understand your way of eating because people are afraid of change and that is okay the more you make new dishes for them the more they come around.”        Lisa, Marquette, MI

As your plant centered lifestyle guide, I am eager to help you find your healthier self.  I am ready to listen, answer your questions, share my experiences, provide information, and encourage you as you build a strong foundation for your plant centered lifestyle.  Support is available via email, text, phone, Skype, and even in person for those living near.  I offer several packages to choose from:  Check In, Jumpstart, 30 Day, and 90 Day. See details below.  All major credit cards are accepted, and payments are taken over the phone.

Still have questions?  No problem.  Making life changes is big stuff.  And, you don’t know me yet.  I welcome your questions.  Schedule a FREE Discovery Call today to see if we are a good fit for one another.  Get in touch.