I’m A Real Person

I’m glad that you are interested in learning more. It is important to me that you know that I am a real person with challenges, hopes, and dreams.  I am as down to earth as they come.  I live in the Northwoods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in a late 1800s log cabin that I am refurbishing with the help of my extended family. I garden, stack wood, cook, clean, grocery shop, laugh, love, cry, and spend time with family just like most of you.  You are just as likely to catch me in my coveralls and work gloves as you are to find me spiffed up in front of a crowd of community members inspiring them to go plant centered.  Oh, and I have a sweet pea of a cat named Tori.

What you see is what you get. I am a change maker—someone who sees what needs to be done and does it. I make things happen! I inspire and nurture growth in people, organizations, and communities. I was born with the drive to make the world a better place and have been educating, motivating, and providing leadership ever since. I am incredibly passionate, intuitive, and hardworking. I care-deeply! I have a humanist approach to life that values simplicity and rewards goodness. I believe in the power of people to change themselves and the world.

I experienced health challenges in my early 20s that led me to a plant centered diet. That plant centered diet turned into a plant centered lifestyle—the core of who I am. My plant centered lifestyle energized me so much about food that I purchased and managed an organic farm. I wanted to grow my own food and food for others. During those years of cooking for the farm crew, I fell in love with feeding people good, healthy, plant centered meals. I put that love into opening a highly successful food truck to bring good, healthy, plant centered meals to more people. From there I went on to become a food educator, farmer advocate, agriculture policy activist and one of several founders of a group called Northern Vegans.

I am thrilled to say that I have found my groove in my role as a plant centered lifestyle guide.  Every day, I get to help people like you become happier, healthier versions of themselves while simultaneously introducing a plant centered lifestyle to groups, both large and small, through my keynotes and consulting.  I welcome the opportunity to learn more about how I might assist you on your plant centered journey.  For some ideas on how we might work together, visit my Individual Support & Keynotes & Consulting pages.

What I Do For Fun…

Cabin Girl
Rough Yet Refined-Décor That’s Perfectly Imperfect

Cabin Girl is born of my desire to work with my hands and keep my creative fire kindled. The result is a therapeutic and meaningful way to showcase my passions and talents.   I have long harbored a deep connection with old wooden barns and farm buildings as well as a love for all things old, used, second-hand, and free. The materials for my pieces are salvaged, discovered, milled, or purchased in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with a few exceptions for those times when I just can’t pass up a good find when I am traveling outside my area.

There is such beauty and simplicity in reclaiming, repurposing, and ultimately creating a piece that catches someone’s eye and brings about an admiring smile. Cabin Girl pieces are designed around the texture, shape, and look of a given piece of wood, and each one is unique.  It is the imperfect nature of salvaged and second-hand items that makes them so perfect.  All work is produced by me using shared space in my father’s wood shop.

See my work at:
CabinGirlByNatasha Etsy Shop
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